Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are Americans Living Too Long to Suit Liberals?

Are Americans Living Too Long to Suit Liberals?: "By any reasonably objective standard, the quality of health care available in America is unequaled anywhere on the planet.

Correct spelling of Schaivo’s name. Keep to post later today or Sunday.

Why, then, are socialists like Barack Obama so desperate to replace the best with the least, that being socialized medicine?

How does that serve the American people?

Perhaps it is the high quality of care itself that has the left in a tizzy for CHANGE?

Think about it: Private enterprise and free markets have produced mind-boggling technological advances and new medicines that routinely extend the lives and quality of life for millions of elderly Americans.

Life expectancies have soared and continue to grow, when allowed to prosper in a free market environment.

That may be the problem from the perspective of left wing ideologues.

After all, liberals do not regard human life as anything special, except when it comes to convicted killers whom must be spared every discomfort and pain, regardless of how heinous their crimes.

Liberals see nothing wrong with slaughtering 50 million innocent lives (since the Roe V. Wade ruling) in order to preserve a woman’s inalienable right to murder unborn life.

Starving a helpless victim like Terry Schaivo to death is seen as an act of mercy and completely acceptable to the left.

Again, most human life has no intrinsic value to left-wing extremists.

Thus, a medical system that extends the lives of those whose tax-paying days have ended simply makes no sense to the typical liberal.

In fact, to the liberal mind, extending the lives of elderly people is economic suicide because the Social Security ponzi scheme was not designed to accommodate millions of Americans living into their mid -70s or 80s.

According to liberal nut balls, elderly people whose tax paying years have passed, but whom receive Social Security and Medicare benefits, should be covered under single-payer socialized medicine of the type that will thin out their numbers by offering inferior services, long delays, and other problems common in nations like Canada and Great Britain.

Medical care denied to the aging can thus be conferred on younger workers who will be around to tax, tax, and tax for years on end, and to illegal aliens whom Democrats can pander to while trolling for Hispanic votes.

The problems with America’s health care have nothing to do with the professionalism or quality of care.

Rather, it has everything to do with providing services and care in accordance with the political objectives of the left.

Now, that is sick!"

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