Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton-haters snipe at 'staged' question about gender pay equity from boy | Daily Mail Online

Hillary Clinton-haters snipe at 'staged' question about gender pay equity from boy | Daily Mail Online: Nine-year-old Relic Reilly told Hillary Clinton that his mom, a preschool teacher, was complaining that she earned less than his dad, a software engineer
The father's social media postings include one that asked whether a Republican member of Congress should be 'lynched'
The mother's Twitter account describes taking Relic and his twin to an anti-Mitt Romney protest, with signs for them to hold, when they were 6
Clinton's campaign hasn't responded to a question about whether the pay equity question was staged but Twitter erupted with claims that it was
The mom claims the question was all her son's idea but admits she talked with him about what to ask

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  1. I was looking to see if I could find the video of my son asking question today and found this.
    We do talk about politics at home along with many other issues in the country. We want our children to care about people and the world. They did start that at very young age and raised $410 for St. Jude hospital on their lemonade stand when they were only 4. For their birthday parties, they asked their friends to donate to St. Jude hospital for presents. I don't blame the narrow minded people, who teach their children nothing but to be as selfish, to not believe that. Caring is not an easy concept for them to understand. They will not bother us with their low imaginations.

  2. Talking to your children about donating, caring for others, helping is admirable and wonderful.

    I think that the Daily Mail was only suggesting that it is uncommon for children to do, but not uncommon at all for certain politicians to stage questions.

    It has been done in the past.

    Again, just posting the excerpt. Not endorsing or advocating in anyway. That is for people to decide on their own.

    Thanks for your comment.


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