Sunday, December 25, 2016

Biden Pressured Ukraine to Vote Against Israel | Frontpage Mag

Biden Pressured Ukraine to Vote Against Israel | Frontpage Mag: After putting up with this treachery and backstabbing for eight years, the Israelis are tearing the mask off Obama Inc.

Minister of Environmental Protection Ze’ev Elkin, currently on a private visit to Ukraine which was his childhood home, claimed that Ukraine’s vote in favor of the recent UN resolution calling for a halt to Jewish building in Judea and Samaria was not made of the country’s own volition.

“[The hands] are American hands,” Elkin said, using a Biblical phrase in an interview with Ynet. “It was announced here in Ukraine that the Ukrainians really wanted to abstain, [but US Vice President Joe] Biden personally called the President of Ukraine and pressured the Ukrainians to vote in favor.”

Is there any plausibility to such a charge?

See original work for more on this and other stories.

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