Thursday, December 15, 2016

CNN's Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired - Breitbart

CNN's Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired - Breitbart: A statement from President-elect Donald Trump’s office quickly denied a CNN report that Trump’s daughter Ivanka would get an office currently being used by outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama.

But that denial came after CNN’s Wednesday rumor was shared via Tweet by a Politico reporter, who was quickly fired for her crude comments.

The rumor started with a Tweet from CNN’s Lisa Mirando.

Via @SaraMurray: Ivanka Trump to get office in same space reserved for First Lady in WH; Ivanka's title still TBD, per transition source

— Lisa Mirando (@LisaMirandoCNN) December 14, 2016

Mirando speculated that Ivanka was be awarded some sort of “title,” as well.

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