Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama Hissy Fits Russia. Putin Let's it Go. Giuliani Weighs in!

Obama Hissy Fits Russia. Putin Let's it Go. Giuliani Weighs in!: Am still wondering two things about democrats. First, will Jimmy Carter and Barack O'butthead take their anti-semitic sister act on the road complete with canes, qurans, swastika armbands, and tophat muhammad bottomkissing? They could recreate a couple of scenes from Cabaret for crying out loud and lying to a crowd! A stirring rendition of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" would be apt. Yeah, look up that little number. Although they might want to change the first word of that title to, yesterday.

The second thing I wonder about democrats is when Jewish people will cease voting for them. I mean, what do "D's" have to do to completely alienate some of these long deluded folks? Are there really that many self-loathing American Jews in this country? Why?

Old and exquisitely dense habits die really hard, huh? Like osmium and diamonds in the rrruff? Nothing is harder or more dense than those, right? Wrong, I guess.

Anyway, here's Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

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