Wednesday, December 21, 2016

‘Pantsuit Nation’ Civil War: ‘This is a betrayal of safe space’ | Jammie Wearing Fools

‘Pantsuit Nation’ Civil War: ‘This is a betrayal of safe space’ | Jammie Wearing Fools: Now that Donald Trump has been certified at the 45th President of the United States, we figured the bitter tears of the vanquished Clinton supporters would subside a bit. Yet the fun still continues as the operator of some absurd ‘Pantsuit Nation’ Facebook page is looking to cash in before fading into obscurity. Other pantsuit aficionados aren’t too happy with such a betrayal.

We may run out of popcorn before Trump’s inauguration.

Members of an underground pro-Hillary Clinton Facebook group are livid after the operator announced she would be cashing in on the page with a book deal.

News that Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain would be putting out a tome next May based on comments from the popular page — which has some 4 million members — prompted a flood of angry comments calling the Brooklin, Maine, woman a sellout.

Gee, a liberal Democrat selling out other liberal Democrats? Imagine that.

“Libby you should be ashamed. This is a disgusting betrayal of trust and using others’ stories to make money and gain fame,” wrote a Pantsuit Nation member named Jamie Bryant, who describes herself on Twitter as a “radical feminist bitch.”

Meow. Their true colors always show eventually. Anger and rage will always consume them. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

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