Saturday, April 1, 2017

PHOTO: Bill Clinton With Accused Prostitute Acacia Friedman (Pervert Alert)

PHOTO: Bill Clinton With Accused Prostitute Acacia Friedman (Pervert Alert): The Twitter page of an accused high-priced college prostitute includes a profile photo of her posing cozily with President Bill Clinton. Bill is wearing a Hillary campaign pin on his lapel as he smiles beside Acacia Friedman.

Friedman was arrested March 29 alongside Samara Charlotin, 19, and Maury Noun, 21, in a prostitution sting that took place in a hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, just outside of Miami. Since her arrest, Friedman has deleted her Twitter profile.

It's unclear when exactly the Clinton photo was taken. It's reasonable to assume it happened during Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign between August 2015 and November 2016. In the lead-up to election day, Bill Clinton made numerous trips to Florida in support of his wife's campaign.

In January 2016, Friedman tweeted to a group organizing the Republican nominee debate at the University of Miami inquiring about tickets.

While on her Facebook page, Friedman appears to have supported Bernie Sanders during the election cycle. On that page, Friedman was friends with co-defendant Maury Noun. While Samara Charlotin's Facebook page appears to have been completely deleted.

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