Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump says Kathy Griffin 'should be ashamed of herself' | Daily Mail Online

Trump says Kathy Griffin 'should be ashamed of herself' | Daily Mail Online: Griffin is seen holding up Trump's bloody, severed head for shock-value photographer Tyler Shields
Griffin has since apologized, saying: 'I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong'
The apology was not enough to stop Trump himself from blasting her as 'sick'
The first lady called it 'very disturbing' and 'simply wrong.'
11-year-old Barron Trump saw the shocking image on TV and thought it was real
The U.S. Secret Service – while not citing the video specifically – reminded people it monitors social media and takes threats against the president seriously
Facing increasing pressure, CNN said it is 'evaluating' Griffin's long-time role hosting its New Year’s Eve coverage but has 'made no decisions at this point'
'This is vile and wrong. It is never funny to joke about killing a president,' said Trump-hater Chelsea Clinton

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