Friday, June 9, 2017

General Election exit polls see Tories lose majority | Daily Mail Online

General Election exit polls see Tories lose majority | Daily Mail Online: Prime Minister Theresa May has lost seats in the general election in a stunning reversal of her hopes
Ashen faced Mrs May vows to stay on despite hammering insisting she can provide 'certainty' for the country
Mrs May said her government will keep Britain safe by cracking down on terrorism in the recent attacks
Serious questions remain over how terrorists behind the atrocities slipped through the net on her watch
She has struck a deal with the 10 MPs from the DUP and is going to see the Queen to ask to form government
But Tories are already breaking ranks to make clear that Mrs May must consider her position after the result
Mrs May is expected to reshuffle her cabinet this evening in an attempt to keep a grip on power
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that Mrs May 'go' and make way for government led by him
With just one seat left to count, Conservatives are down from 330 to 318, and Labour up from 232 to 261
Ministers including Jane Ellison and Ben Gummer have been ousted in a surge by Mr Corbyn's party

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