Monday, June 5, 2017

TRUMP AIDE GORKA Calls Out Chris Cuomo for "Classic Fake News" [Video] »

TRUMP AIDE GORKA Calls Out Chris Cuomo for "Classic Fake News" [Video] » Chris Cuomo tries to argue with the brilliant Sebastian Gorka…This is epic!

The discussion began on the travel ban and devolved into CNN’s rating and fake news…

Cuomo begins: “I explain it by you wanting to go with the original model to make it easier to pass because you were mimicking what Obama did, and therefore masking your true intention was to not make it about travel, make it about Muslims. And as you well know, not just in your own rhetoric but the president’s, he has said time and again that he thinks there’s a problem with Islam and that he thinks that the Muslims may have a problem with us. As you know, with what we’re seeing in the U.K. right now, attachment to the community of Muslims is so important, and the concern is that a move like this, trumpeted by the president in the midst of crisis in the U.K., sends an ugly message to our Muslim community here in the United States.”

See original work for more on this and other stories.

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