Sunday, June 4, 2017

Videos Show Murder Suspect Shooting at Texas Border Town Cops

Videos Show Murder Suspect Shooting at Texas Border Town Cops: Dramatic videos shot by bystanders to Friday’s gunbattle between Laredo, Texas, police officers and a wanted murder suspect show the gunman firing on police. The gunman shot three officers and injured another before responding officers shot and killed him.

One video by an unidentified cell phone videographer appears to be taken from a restaurant next door to the Stripes convenience store where the shooting took place. Antonio Gerado Rodriguez, 55, the man identified by police as a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Friday morning can be seen shooting from behind his pickup truck. The video, posted by Facebook user Mike Taylor has been seen more than 300,000 times on various Facebook posts as of this article’s posting. The videographer is was not identified in the post.

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