Sunday, June 11, 2017

Watchdog Group Proves Trump Right on Voter Fraud Claims |

Watchdog Group Proves Trump Right on Voter Fraud Claims |: The right and left are gridlocked in a battle over voter registration laws. The right wants to tighten security and ensure that only eligible voters are participating in elections. The left argues that this makes it too difficult for legitimate voters to successfully cast their ballots.

While you might be inclined to believe that both sides have merit, a quick Google search or scan of mainstream media would tell you the science agrees with the left. As always, this is more propaganda than fact. There are studies on both sides of these arguments, so we are going to take a few minutes to uncover as much truth as possible. We’ll see how reliable different studies are and what makes them more or less applicable to the greater debate.

See original work for more on this and other stories.

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