Sunday, July 16, 2017

ABC-WSJ ‘bad’ Trump poll has +12 Democrat oversample – Pacific Pundit

ABC-WSJ ‘bad’ Trump poll has +12 Democrat oversample – Pacific Pundit: The media is giddy. An ABC-Wall Street Journal poll came out showing Trump with the “lowest” approval rating after six months in office. Only Trump, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton have been under 50% approval after six months. Only problem is, this poll is skewed, just like the election polls, with a +12 Democrat over-sample. That’s where you get your “lower” approval numbers. Hillary Clinton beat Trump by over 4 million votes in California. You take away that state and Trump won the popular vote. Let’s assume an electorate of D+1, not D+!2 in 2016, and the numbers in this poll are way difference. But credibility doesn’t matter to ABC or the Wall Street Journal.

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