Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jeff Sessions Stand Firm, Gains Broad Support as Trump Ramps Up Attacks

Jeff Sessions Stand Firm, Gains Broad Support as Trump Ramps Up Attacks: Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to be standing firm in the face of a barrage of attacks from President Trump, with multiple reports saying he has no intention of resigning despite being in Trump’s crosshairs.

Trump has been publicly criticizing Sessions for a week on a host of issues, particularly Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian interference. Trump ramped up his attacks Tuesday when he said he was “very disappointed in Jeff Sessions” in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Trump also demurred on whether he would fire Sessions: “I’m just looking at it,” he said. “I’ll just see. It’s a very important thing.” At a press conference in the Rose Garden Trump also expressed his disappointment in Sessions and called his decision to recuse himself “unfair to the presidency.”

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