Friday, July 14, 2017

Seattle Councilman: Removing Excrement Off Sidewalks is RACIALLY INSENSITIVE

Seattle Councilman: Removing Excrement Off Sidewalks is RACIALLY INSENSITIVE: Second, his rationale is even more disgusting. He says removing sh*t off the sidewalk is racially insensitive.

You can imagine why unsanitary conditions exist in Seattle, WA. Big cities are cesspools because these cities are run by fools known as Democrats. These leftists create the most foul ecosystems on the planet. And they cover up their mismanagement with football stadiums and airport taxes. Nonetheless, after the cheering fans have returned to the suburbs, the bottom-feeders come out at night.

These people dig through the trash, find their newest residences in the form of cardboard boxes, as well as their meals. Afterwards, the bottom-dwellers piss and crap all over the city and call it a night.

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