Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cuomo unloads a $15M failure onto upstate New York

Cuomo unloads a $15M failure onto upstate New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise to bring Hollywood to Onondaga flopped on Friday, when the state unloaded the Central New York film hub, a $15 million taxpayer-funded boondoggle, onto the management of Onondoga County for $1.

And the state’s still shelling out another $1.7 million on it, reports The Syracuse Post-Standard: $1.5 million for improvements and $200,000 for two years’ operating costs.

When the gov announced the hub back in 2014, he said it would produce 350 permanent jobs. Yet since it opened, it has only employed two full-timers, and no major studio has shot a film there.

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