Monday, September 30, 2019

Communist Flag Flies at City Hall in Boston – Liberty Sentinel

Communist Flag Flies at City Hall in Boston – Liberty Sentinel: The flag of the most murderous dictatorship in human history was raised at City Hall in Boston on Sunday, September 29, sparking protests by victims and family members of those persecuted by the brutal regime.

The spectacle provided further evidence that Boston, once known as the Cradle of Liberty, had become a “Cradle of Tyranny,” as Camp Constitution chief Hal Shurtleff put it in a report.

Sponsored by the “Chinese Progressive Association of Boston,” the event even featured local officials such as City Councilor Ed Flynn celebrating the takeover of China by mass-murdering communists led by Chairman Mao. An estimated 80 million people have been slaughtered as a result, not including unborn children murdered in forced abortions as part of the regime’s population-control schemes.

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