Monday, November 4, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Insulting Plan to Pay for Medicare-for-All

Elizabeth Warren’s Insulting Plan to Pay for Medicare-for-All: Proponents of a single-payer system have long benefited from the impracticability of universal, state-sponsored health coverage in America. “‘Medicare-for-all’ is a way for Democrats to say basically, ‘Hey, we understand that this is an issue, and we’re willing to do something about it,’” Democratic pollster Nancy Zdunkewicz confessed. In other words, it’s not a health-care plan, per se; it’s a statement of principles. That’s in part why universalizing Medicare polls relatively well; it is a progressive value proposition, not a realistic policy proposal with costs as well as benefits. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has chosen to forego this advantage.

On Friday, the senator from Massachusetts released a plan to pay for her proposal to all but nationalize the health-insurance industry, which is a commendable gesture of deference to the good faith of her critics. Still, her plan is predicated on a variety of dubious assumptions. Among them, that you are extremely gullible.

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