Friday, January 10, 2020

CNN Parrots Iranian Propaganda on Ukraine Jet Crash

CNN Parrots Iranian Propaganda on Ukraine Jet Crash: CNN picked up a line of Tehran propaganda Friday conflating the shootdown of an Iran Air jetliner by a U.S. Navy ship in 1988 with this week’s Ukrainian jetliner loss.

The network published a piece that outlined:

Iran Air Flight 655, an Airbus A300 with 290 people on board, was blown from the skies by a missile fired from the guided-missile cruiser USS Vincennes as it flew over the Persian Gulf from Iran to Dubai on July 3, 1988.
Rouhani used that 290 number in a Twitter post on January 6.

It then added a Tweet addressing the same notion as expressed by Iran leader Hassan Rouhani:

See original work for more on this and other stories.

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