Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Come clean, CNN - The Washington Post

Come clean, CNN - The Washington Post: “We stand by our reporting.” That phrase is a go-to in media industry public relations, unleashed when events appear to debunk an outlet’s precious scoop. It’s right up there with “We don’t comment on personnel matters” and “We don’t comment on editorial deliberations.”

And there “We stand by our reporting” was in a CNN statement to the Erik Wemple Blog, which had asked the network about its anchors’ repeated claims that the dossier compiled by former British intelligence official Christopher Steele had been corroborated to a significant degree. “Your intel community has corroborated all the details,” CNN host Alisyn Camerota told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in December 2017. Other CNNers stated that “parts” or “much” of the dossier — which claimed an “extensive conspiracy” between the Trump campaign and Russia prior to the 2016 presidential election — had been corroborated.

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