Thursday, January 2, 2020

Inside the scorched US embassy in Baghdad | Daily Mail Online

Inside the scorched US embassy in Baghdad | Daily Mail Online: Yesterday thousands of demonstrators - many of them members of Iran-backed militia - rushed the heavily fortified Green Zone after US strikes killed 25 members of the Iran-backed Kataeb Hezbollah in air strikes
Today photos emerged showing the scorched interior of the embassy's secure entrance after it was set alight
One militant said: 'God willing if this fire reaches inside the embassy, we will not spare a single employee'
President Donald Trump's reinforcements were engaged early Wednesday as tear gas was fired to disperse those who had spent the night outside the main gates. Several ambulances arrived to ferry the wounded
Yesterday's riot, which included smashing through the embassy's security area, setting fires around the complex and hurling rocks, ended in a camp being set up outside the consulate
Some 50 tents, portable bathrooms and cooking pots were shipped in as hundreds of the furious mob prepared a sit-in at the embassy's gates, demanding that the US withdraw from Iraq

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