Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Police say teen was out on bond when he raped woman; judge grants bond again

Police say teen was out on bond when he raped woman; judge grants bond again: D’Shawn Garrison is just 17 years old, but the Atlanta Police Department said he has more than a dozen arrests.

Right now, he’s in the Fulton County Jail awaiting trial on a rape charge. But despite a lengthy criminal record, Judge Rachel Krause reinstated his bond in November.

According to WSB, his bond is set at $50,000. His accuser told them the decision to grant Garrison bail makes her feel like she’s being victimized again.

“It was just a vicious attack, and I think he would’ve killed me, eventually. I probably had a few more minutes left in me,” the mother of two told WSB. “I kind of feel like maybe I’ve done my part and everybody else needs to do theirs now."

Police said Garrison attacked her in broad daylight as she jogged through a neighborhood in May. At that time, he was out on bond for a theft case.

“He was wearing an ankle monitor when he attacked me. I don’t know how many crimes this kid has to commit before they actually keep him in jail,” the accuser said.

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