Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YouTube - Barney Frank - "The gentleman will suspend"

YouTube - Barney Frank - "The gentleman will suspend"

Barney Frank is a clown and he is making Congress into a circus. It would have taken less time to answer the damn question than it took for him to dance around the answer and throw a tantrum like a child.

We need to get rid of all politicians so embedded in the system that they think they are in supreme control of the people, like BARNEY FRANK!

He works for us, to represent us and solve problems, not hide sweet deals to Starkist, exempting American Samoa from minimum wage laws. Is it a coincidence that Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul has a large stock interest in Starkist that would suffer if the wage increase was applied to American Samoa?

is it not enough that Pelosi is one of the richest persons in congress with a net worth of almost $19 million dollars from investments of this sort? Sweetheart real estate deals, a vineyard in St. Helena worth somewhere between $5 - $25 million dollars. Then there is her husbands wealth which I have not included.

Disgusting political tricks that make these people richer without thinking or caring what their decisions do to the rest of the American economy. They are for the most part, corrupt people, traitors to the constitution, self serving liars, willing to sell their votes for future personal gain who have no morals about the obligations they have taken to preserve Justice or the American values in which this country was built upon.

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